Eudes II - Duke of Aquitaine and Gascogne(710-735)

Eudes II - Duke of Aquitaine and Gascogne(710-735)


Charles Martel re-established Frankish authority in southern Gaul, where the local authorities could not cope with the Islamic threat; he stopped the Muslims near Poitiers (Battle of Tours; 732) and used this opportunity to subdue Aquitaine (735-736).

II ou III Eudes ou Eudon ou Lude duc d"Aquitaine et duc de Gascogne 688-735 ou 710-735
epouse: Valtrude fille de Wachigise.
5 enfants:
- Hunald I duc d"Aquitaine et duc de Gascogne 735-745 abdique. mort en 774.
- Hatton. mort en 744
- Remistan. mort en 768
- Loup I ou II duc de Gascogne. cf: dessous
- Lampagie

Eudes d"Aquitaine
+ 735
Father: Boggis d"Aquitaine
Marriage/Union :
Hunold d"Aquitaine
Hatton d"Aquitaine

Charles next crossed the Loire into Aquitaine, where one Eudes (Odo) was duke. Eudes, once an ally of Charles, had become disloyal and promptly called to his aid the Saracens, Moors from Africa, who, entering Spain in 711, had soon conquered it and were now (732) threatening Gaul. Led by their king, "Abd ar-Rahman, they marched for Bordeaux, there to burn churches and to plunder. From Bordeaux they went across Aquitaine to Poitiers. It was outside this city that Charles Martel came upon them and put them to flight.

Poitiers, Battle of,

also called BATTLE OF TOURS (732), victory won by Charles Martel, Carolingian mayor of the palace and de facto ruler of the Frankish kingdoms, over Muslim invaders from Spain. The battlefield cannot be exactly located, and the battle may possibly have consisted of a series of running engagements. "Abd-ar-Rahman, governor of Cordoba, had invaded Aquitaine (present southwestern France) and defeated its duke, Eudes. Eudes appealed for help to Charles, who had already stationed his cavalry to defend the city of Tours. According to tradition, the Muslim attack was broken by Charles"s cavalry near Poitiers. "Abd-ar-Rahman was killed, and the Arabs retired. There were no further Muslim invasions of Frankish territory, and Charles"s victory has sometimes been regarded as decisive for world history. The Muslim advance, however, was really ended by internal dissensions and the revolt of the Berbers in North Africa. Charles derived profit as well as glory from the engagement; he was able to assert his authority in Aquitaine, where Eudes swore allegiance to him.


Born about 670.
Died in 735.


Boggis DE GASCOGNE ca 630-688
Ode la Sainte N... *ca 650

Marriages and children

Allied to Waltrude N... *ca 675, with
Hatton ca 695-745/
Hunald ca 705-774


Profession : Duc d"Aquitaine partir de 717 seulement.
Atteste en 688.

AQUITAINE, Eudes of (King of Toulouse&Aquitain). in probably Aquitaine, France
son of Boggis of Aquitaine (Duke of Aquitaine) and Oda (Ode) of the Franks (Saint), dau.of Clothaire II of FRANCE (King of France)
m.Valtrude of VERDUN (dau.of Walchigise of Verdun).
1.Hunold of (Duke of Aquitaine)

Eudes,Duke of Aquitaine(-725)
#Hatton,father of Lope I,Duke of Gascony(-774),whose dau.Adele m.Waifar,below

Duke of Aquitaine


Waltrude N...
Born about 675
Walchisige N... ca 650 [Duc]
? ?

Aquitaine, Eudo II d" Duc
b.AFT 660
Father: Aquitaine, Eudo I le_Grand Duc
Mother: Austrasia, Adela von
Aquitaine, Hunold d" Duc

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