Ermengarda II (Liegarda)

Ermengarda II (Liegarda)

Irmgard v.Autun
Marriage/Union : Giselbert v.Vergy
Vera v.Vergy

epouse: Gilbert duc de Bourgogne. mort en 956. cf: Dynastie Bosonide

Ermengarde Burgundy

Born about 908.


Richard of "the_Justiciar" Burgundy, Duke ca 842-921
Adelaide Burgundy, Princess of 849-921

Marriages and children

Allied before 956 to Gilbert Burgundy, Duke ca 890-956, with
Adelais Vermandois ca 914-967

Ermengarde de Bourgogne
Comtesse d"Autun.
Richard II le Justicier de Bourgogne, comte d"Autun ca 856-921
Adelaide de Bourgogne Transjurane
Marriages and children
Allied about 938 to Gilbert, duc de Bourgogne +956, with

<B016609> Ermengarde BOURGOGNE
<B028221> Father: Richard (The_Just) de BOURGOGNE (Duke of Burgundy)
<B026350> Mother: Adelaide de Auxerre WELF
BIRTH: ABT 892, ,Bourgogne,France
Family 1:
<B016608> Giselbert de MEROVING (Duke of Burgundy)
<B016607> 1. Adelaide Werra MEROVING


Source: Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists, p 107;

<I004365> Ermengarde of BOURGOGNE
<I002697> Father: Richard "the Justiciar", DUKE
<I002698> Mother: Adelaide of BURGUNDY
Family 1:
<I001565> Giselbert, Count of BURGUNDY
<I001564> 1. Adelaide of BURGUNDY

Ermengarde II ou Liégearde DE BOURGOGNE

(Ermengarde DE BOURGOGNE)
Born about 905.
Died after 942.


Richard II le Justicier DE BOURGOGNE ca 856-921
Adélaïde DE BOURGOGNE *ca 873

Marriages and children

Allied to Gilbert DE CHALON ca 900-956, with
Adélaïde ca 928-ca 987

Ermengard de Burgundy

Born about 893


Richard the Justicer de Autun Duc de Burgundy ca 860-921
Adelaide de Auxerre 849-929/

Marriages and children

Married to Giselbert de Chalon Duc de Burgundy 890-956, with
Adela "Were" de Troyes Cts de Troyes ca 914-967
Adelaide Cts de Burgundy ca 916-ca 942

Ermengarde II ou Liegearde de Bourgogne
(Ermengarde de Bourgogne)
Born in 905
Died after 942
Richard II le Justicier de Bourgogne 856-921
Adelaide de Bourgogne 870
Marriages and children
Married to Gilbert Ou Giselbert de Chalon 900-956, with
Adelaide Ou Wera 928-987

Ermengarde Robertiens
Richard Ier le Justicier Robertiens ca 877-921
Adelaide de Bourgogne +ca 929
Marriages and children
Married in 920 to Gislebert de Vergy +956, with


Gislebert de Vergy
Comte d"Autun (921-925), comte et duc de Bourgogne (17-12-952)
Died on 18 April 956 - Paris,75,,,
Manasses de Vergy ca 873-918 [Comte de Chaunois et de Dijon]
Ermengarde de Bourgogne ca 880-937

Burgund, Ermengard von
b.AFT 890
Father: Burgund, Richard le_Justicer von Herzog
Mother: Ratien, Adelaide von

m.Dijon, Gilbert de Comte
b.BEF 870

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