Adelaida (Alix,Alice)

Adelaida (Alix,Alice)

epouse: Reinier II comte de Hainaut. mort en 931. cf: Dynastie de Brabant

Adelaide Burgundy

(Adelaide (Alice) Burgundy)

Born about 903.


Richard of "the_Justiciar" Burgundy, Duke ca 842-921
Adelaide Burgundy, Princess of 849-921

Marriages and children

Allied to Rainer II Hainault, Count ca 890-ca 932, with
Rainer III,_"Longhals" of ca 920-973
miss Burgundy


Ancestral Roots p. 135
Stuart p. 153

Adelaide de Bourgogne
Born about 900.
Richard II le Justicier de Bourgogne, comte d"Autun ca 856-921
Adelaide de Bourgogne Transjurane

Allied to Rainier II, comte de Hainaut 882-932, with
Rainier III ca 920-973

<B016087> Alice Alix de BOURGOGNE
<B028221> Father: Richard (The_Just) de BOURGOGNE (Duke of Burgundy)
<B026350> Mother: Adelaide de Auxerre WELF
BIRTH: ABT 904, ,Bourgogne,France
DEATH: 932, ,Hainault,Belgium
Family 1:
<B016086> Regnier II HAINAULT (Count)
<B016083> 1. Regnier III HAINAULT (Count)


She may have been born "Abt 894".
Source: LDS Ancestral File; Ahnentafel for Edward III of England

<I001839> Adelaide of BURGUNDY
<I002697> Father: Richard "the Justiciar", DUKE
<I002698> Mother: Adelaide of BURGUNDY
Family 1:
<I001838> Regnier II, Count of HAINAUT
<I001836> 1. Regnier III, Count of HAINAUT


Alice of Burgundy married Regnier II, Count of Hainault, died in 932.


Born about 900.


Richard II le Justicier DE BOURGOGNE ca 856-921
Adélaïde DE BOURGOGNE *ca 873

Marriages and children

Allied to Rainier II DE HAINAUT 882-932, with
Amaury ca 920-973
Rainier III ca 920-973

Adelaide de Burgundy

Born about 896, Burgundy


Richard the Justicer de Autun Duc de Burgundy ca 860-921
Adelaide de Auxerre 849-929/

Marriages and children

Married to Regnier II Ct de Hainault 892-932, with
Regnier III ca 918-/988

Adelaide de Bourgogne
Born in 900
Richard II le Justicier de Bourgogne 856-921
Adelaide de Bourgogne 870
Marriages and children
Married to Rainier II de Hainaut 882-932, with
Rainier III 920-973
Amaury ca 930-983

Alix Robertiens
Richard Ier le Justicier Robertiens ca 877-921
Adelaide de Bourgogne +ca 929
Marriages and children
Married to Regnier III de Hainaut +930

Burgund, Adelaide Alice von
Father: Burgund, Richard le_Justicer von Herzog
Mother: Ratien, Adelaide von

m.ABT 910

Hennegau, Reginar II von Graf
b.880/892 Hainault
Father: Lothringen, Reginar I Hennegau Herzog
Mother: Alberade


Hennegau, Reginar III von Graf
Haspengau, Radulf von Mons
Hennegau, Liethard von
b.AFT 910
Hennegau, Daughter von

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