Richilde ou Richeut reine des Francs, puis devient imperatrice d"Occident et reine des Francs et reine d"Italie et reine de Lotharingie. morte en 920
epouse: Charles II roi des Francs. cf: Dynastie Carolingienne

Richildis v.Metz
+ 910/914
Marriage/Union : Karl II.
1.Rothild (c.871-928/929)
2.Drogo (872/873-873/874)
3.Pippin (872/873-873/874)
4.? (23.3.875-(n.23.3.)875)
5.Karl (10.10.876-877)

Richilde West_Franks

Queen .

Died maybe in 910.


Bivin Italy, Count +ca 864
Richilde Arles +883

Marriages and children

Allied on January 22, 870 - Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia, to Charles II "the_Bald" Holy_Roman_Empir, Emperor 823-877, with
Hersent Lorraine *865
Rothaut x *ca 870
Rothilde Neustria ca 891-928


NAME Richilde Queen of the West /Franks/
name also listed in the Carolingeans as Richildis, dd. listed tabl. 7
Stuart p. 97, 130: NAME Richardis of Metz
Ancestral Roots p. 50

Richilde de Provence
Died in 910.
Beuves, roi de Provence 822-877
Richilde d"Arles

Allied in 870 to Charles II le Chauve Carolingien, empereur d"Occident 823-877, with
Rothilde ca 871-928

Richilde DE METZ

Born after 844.
Died on June 2, 910.


Bivin DE VIENNE 822-877
Richilde DE BOURGOGNE *ca 825

Marriages and children

Allied on November 22, 870 - Aix-La-Chapelle ALLEMAGNE, to Charles II le Chauve DE FRANCE 823-877, with
Rothilde ca 871-928

Richildis de Autun

Died about 910


Buwin de Autun Ct de Autun & Metz
Richildis (de Autun)

Marriages and children

Married on 25 November 870 to Charles II the Bald King Of West Franks 823-877, with
Pippin Of The West Franks ca 865 +
Drogo Of The West Franks ca 865 +
Rothild Of The West Franks ca 870-ca 928
Charles Of The West Franks 876-877


Kinswoman to Theutberga de Valois, wife of Lothar II of Lorraine, King of Lorraine.

Richilde Dite Richarde Robertiens
Born about 845
Died on 12 June 910
Beuves Ou Biwin de Vienne ca 820-ca 869
Richilde Robertiens ca 822-855
Marriages and children
Married on 29 January 870 to Charles II Le Chauve Carolingiens 823-877, with
Rothilde ca 871-ca 928

Autun, Richildis von
b.ABT 850
Father: Autun, Buwin von Graf


Charles II le_Chauve Empereur
b.13 JUN 823 Frankfurt,am,Main
d.6 OCT 877 Modano
Father: Louis I le_Debonnaire Kaiser
Mother: Altdorf, Judith von Bayern


France, Rothild de
France, Drogo de
b.AFT 870
France, Pippin de
b.AFT 870
France, Charles de

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