Boso - Ct of Vienne(870-11.1.887) and Bourges, Duke of Lombardy(876-879), King of Provence(Lower Burgundy)(877/15.10.879-11.1.887)

Boso - Ct of Vienne(870-11.1.887) and Bourges, Duke of Lombardy(876-879), King of Provence(Lower Burgundy)(877/15.10.879-11.1.887)

See his alternative ancestry -- 1st House de Chalons & Macon []

Boson comte de Bourges, duc de Lombardie 876-879, puis devient roi de Provence 879-887
epouse: X
epouse: Ermengarde fille de Louis II empereur d"Occident. morte en 896. cf: Dynastie de Lotharingie
3 enfants:
- Ermengarde
- Engelberge
- Louis III L"Aveugle roi de Provence. cf: dessous

Boso v.Nieder-Burgund

Boso v.Nieder-Burgund
+ 11 JAN 887
Father: Theodoric d"Autun
Marriage/Union : Ermengard [KdG-4]
Engelberga v.Provence
Willa? v.Provence
Ludwig III.


See his alternative ancestry -- as son of Thierry I the Treasurer - Ct of Autun(?-880).

Boson II - Cte de Vienne(870/1-887), de Bourges(871/2-887) and d"Autun, King of Lower Burgundy(Provence) (879-887)
son of Beuve=Bouin, Comte de Bourgogne and Richilde d"Arles
b.before 854
m.876 France: Ermengarde=Trungard, Princess of Italy, dau.of Louis II, King of Italy and Engelberge de Spolete; Ermengarde would become Queen of Provence through her marriage with Boson.
d.11 Jan 887 Vienne, Isere, Dauphiné, France.

In 869, Boson II"s sister Richilde married Charles the Bald. In 871, he was made Count of Vienne, and became the Count of Bourges a year later. After arranging an exchange with Count Theudebert of Vermandois, Boson also acquired the Countship of Autun, so that his territory included most of Burgundy and Provence including the regions of the Lyonnais and Viennois. When Charles the Bald was crowned emperor in 875, he made Boson his dux et missus Italiae sacrique palatii archiminister. In other words, Boson ruled Italy for Charles, and once there took the opportunity to marry Ermengarde, daughter of Emperor Louis II. He was the King of Provence from 879 to 887, being elected at Montaille (near Vienne) on 15-Oct-879 the King of Burgundy. As soon as he was crowned, he consolidated his position, appointed the powerful bishop of Autun, Adalgar as his archchancellor, and made Geilo, Abbot of Tournus, the bishop of Langres. There was also some collusion between Boson and his Lotharingian countrymen who had rallied in support of Hugh, Lothar II"s bastard, in his attempt to claim the right to rule Lotharingia. Boson"s elevation and Hugh"s pretentions had the effect of uniting all the Carolingians - Louis the Younger (Le Jeune), Charles the Fat (Le Gros), Louis III and Carloman - and their supporters against him. Hugh was dealt with quickly, but Boson presented a more serious obstacle to Charles Le Gros as well as to Carloman and Hugh the Abbot. Charles seized the Italian lands of Boso"s mother-in-law Engelberge, kidnapped Engelberge herself, appropriated the temporal of the archbishopric of Besancon and occupied Lausanne. By 881, Boson had lost the Jura and transjurane region to Charles Le Gros. The county of Autun was conferred on Richard, Boson"s brother, who supported Carloman from then on. In 882, Vienne was attacked by the Frankish army under Richard who captured Boson"s wife and his daughter. Abandoned by the Pope, his brother and his chancellor who defected to Charles Le Gros, and forsaken by the bishops and counts, Boson died in historical obscurity.

Boso II d" Autun

King/Provence .
(Boso Autun)

Born about 824.
Died in November 887.


Bivin Italy, Count +ca 864
Richilde Arles +883

Marriages and children

Allied in 876 to Ermengarde Provence, Queen ca 852-896, with
Willa Swabia ca 872-929
Louis I,_de "the_Blind" Beronides 880-928
Ermengarde Burgundy +956


Stuart p. 14: King of Provence, Count of Vienne
Stuart p. 241: TITLE King of Lower Burgundy, 864, Count of Vienne

Boson de Provence
Comte de Vienne (870), roi de Provence (879).
Died in 887.
Beuves, roi de Provence 822-877
Richilde d"Arles

Allied in March 872 to Ermengarde d"Italie +897, with
Ermengarde Iere
Willa Iere
Louis III l"Aveugle ca 880-928


Ermengarde d"Italie
Died in 897.
Louis II le Jeune d"Italie, empereur d"Occident ca 825-875
? ?

<I008194> Count Boso (879), King of PROVENCE
Family 1:
<I008193> Ermengarde
<I008189> 1. Louis "the Blind", EMPEROR


French BOSON (d. Jan. 11, 887, Vienne [France]), king of lower Burgundy, or Provence, from 877.

The son of Buvin (or Beuves), Count of Ardennes, Boso was given the governance of Lombardy (876) by his brother-in-law Charles II the Bald, king of the West Franks (France), and received the title of duke. During the minorities of the West Frankish kings Louis III and Carloman, he convoked the bishops of Provence and had them proclaim him their king (Oct. 15, 879). Boso thereafter proceeded to expand his domains. The territory over which he usurped royal authority included not only Provence but many lands to the north, as far as Autun--an enlarged Burgundy.

In succeeding years, especially 880-882, Boso lost many of the marginal northern lands to the French and German Carolingians, who were reestablishing their authority. He was succeeded by his son, Louis, who in 901 became the Frankish emperor Louis III.

<B028144> Bozon I MEROVING (King of Burgundy)
<B026295> Father: Theodoric I Thierry MEROVING (Duke of Burgundy)
OCCUPATION: King of Burgundy
BIRTH: ABT 840, ,,France
DEATH: 887, ,Bourgogne,France
Family 1:
<B028145> Ermengarde CAROLING
<B028142> 1. Louis (The_Blind) MEROVING (King of Provence)


King of Burgundy Cisjurane (Provence), Count of Vienna
Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England [Chaume]


Born after 844.
Died on January 10, 887.


Bivin DE VIENNE 822-877
Richilde DE BOURGOGNE *ca 825

Marriages and children

Allied in March 872 to Ermengarde D"ITALIE 852-896, with
Ermengarde ca 873-921
Willa 873-914/
Engelberge DE PROVENCE 877-917
Louis III l"Aveugle D"ITALIE ca 880-928


Profession : Roi de Bourgogne-Provence couronnÚ le 15 octobre 879 Ó Vienne.

PROVENCE, Boso II of (King of Provence).
d.1 Nov 887
son of Budwine of Metz (Count of Metz) and Richilde of Arles, dau.of Boso III "The Old" of TURIN (Count of Turin)
m.Ermengarde of GERMANY (dau.of Louis II "The Young" (Holy Roman Emperor) and Engelberge of Alsace, dau.of Erchanger of Alsace (Count of Alsace)).
1.Willa (Gisele) of VIENNE (m. Rudolph I of UPPER BURGUNDY)
2.Louis III "The Blind" of (King of Provence
3.Kunigund of (m. Sigebert of VERDUN)

Father: Buwin
Mother: Astrid Jakobsdtr.
BIRTH: 840
DEATH: 887
Family 1:
1. Willa (Gisela) de Burgund


King in Burgund.

Dux Boso de Provence King Of Provence

Born about 840
Died (11 Jan 886/87)


Buwin de Autun Ct de Autun & Metz
Richildis (de Autun)

Marriages and children

Married to ? ?, with
Gisele (de Burgundy) ca 865-929
Married in 876 to Irmengard de Italia 848 +, with
Ermengarde de Burgundy +/935
Engelberga de Aquitaine 877-917
Louis III the Blind de Provence King Of Italy ca 880-928


Irmengard de Italia
Born in 848
Louis II le Jeune Holy Roman Emp 825-875
Engeberge (Of Altorf) 826-890

Nieder-Burgund, Boson I Ardennes Koenig
b.BEF 850
d.11 JAN 887
Father: Autun, Buwin von Graf


France, Ermengarde Irmengard de Princess
b.ABT 852/855
d.22 JUN 896
Father: Alemannien, Louis II le_Jeune Kaiser
Mother: Valois, Engeberge Theutberga de


Provence, Louis III l"Aveugle Kaiser
Aquitaine, Engelberga von Herzogin
Provence, Willa de
b.AFT 878

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