Humbert I,"aux-blanche mains)_de Savoy

Humbert I,"aux-blanche mains)_de Savoy

Count .
(Humbert Savoy)

Born about 972.
Died maybe in 1050.


Humberto x ca 926-ca 976
N Spoleto ca 930-ca 993

Marriages and children

Allied before 1030 to Ancelie Lenzburg *ca 974, with
Amadeus I ca 1000-1051
Otto Maurine ca 1020-1060


Morby p. 110: name given as Humbert I, Whitehands, Count of Savoy 1000-1048; Count in Savoy and Belley by 1000, in Aosta and Maurienne by 1043

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