Hucbert I (Hubert,Humberto) - Ct of Vienne(?-976)

Hucbert I (Hubert,Humberto) - Ct of Vienne(?-976)

Hucbert v.Vienne
Father: Hugo v.Vienne
Mother: Willa v.Burgund

Humberto x

(Humberto (Hubert, Umberto) x)

Born maybe in 926.
Died about 976.


Hugh Vienne, Count ca 900-ca 948
Willa Burgundy

Marriages and children

Allied to N Spoleto ca 930-ca 993, with
Humbert I,"aux-blanche mains)_de Savoy ca 972-ca 1050


Stuart p. 132

N Spoleto
(N.N. Spoleto)
Born maybe in 930.
Died about 993.
Amadeo Spoleto
? ?

VIENNE, Humbert (Hubert Umberto) of.
b.between 926 - 930 in probably Vienne, France
son of Hugh of Vienne (Count of Vienne) and Willa of Burgundy, dau.of Richard of BURGUNDY (Duke of Burgundy)
1.Humbert I "Whitehands" DE MAURIENNE (Count of Aosta)

<B026286> Humbert I MEROVING (Count of Vienne)
<B026287> Father: Hugh MEROVING (Count of Vienne)
<B026288> Mother: Willa de Tuscany BOURGOGNE
OCCUPATION: Count of Vienne
BIRTH: ABT 940, ,,France
DEATH: ABT 976, ,,France
Family 1:
<B028162> Daughter de Amadeo SPOLETO
<B026284> 1. Umberto Bianco Mano SAVOIE (Count)


Count of Vienne. His wife was from Spoleto; no name available.
Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England

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