Hugo - Ct of Vienne(903-10.4.947)

Hugo - Ct of Vienne(903-10.4.947)

Hugo Graf v.Vienne
Father: Warnarius v.Troyes
Mother: Teutberga v.Arles
Marriage/Union :
Boso v.Vienne
Marriage/Union : Willa v.Burgund
Warnarius v.Vienne
Theobald v.Vienne
Hucbert v.Vienne

Hugh Vienne

Count .
(Hugh of Vienne)

Born about 900.
Died about 948.


Garnier Troyes, Vicomte ca 868-924
Teutberga Arles +ca 948

Marriages and children

Allied about 927 to Willa Burgundy, with
Humberto x ca 926-ca 976
Theutberga +ca 1013


Stuart p. 132

Willa Burgundy
Richard of "the_Justiciar" Burgundy, Duke ca 842-921
Adelaide Burgundy, Princess of 849-921
Stuart p. 132

VIENNE, Hugh of (Count of Vienne). in probably Aube, France
son of Garnier (Warinus) of Troyes (Vicomte of Sens and Teuberga , dau.of Theobald of ARLES (Count of Arles)
m.Willa of BURGUNDY (dau.of Richard of Burgundy (Duke of Burgundy) and Adelaide (Aelis) of Burgundy, dau.of Conrad II of Auxerre (Count of Auxerre)) before Apr 927.
1.Theutberga of (m. Artaud II DE FOREZ)
2.Humbert (Hubert Umberto) of

<B026287> Hugh MEROVING (Count of Vienne)
<B026290> Father: Warnier Garnier MEROVING (Vicompte)
<B026291> Mother: Teutoberge Thietberge Arles PROVENCE
OCCUPATION: Count of Vienne
BIRTH: ABT 907, ,,France
DEATH: ABT 945, ,,France
Family 1:
<B026288> Willa de Tuscany BOURGOGNE
<B026286> 1. Humbert I MEROVING (Count of Vienne)


Count of Vienne. He died before 966
Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England

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