Aymar (Ademar) - sn de Souvigny and Bourbon

Aymar (Ademar) - sn de Souvigny and Bourbon


Ademar Sire de Bourbon
Father: Nivelon de Bourbon?
Marriage/Union :
Aimon I de Bourbon

Aimar de Bourbon
Seigneur de Bourbon.
? de Bourbon
? ?

Allied to ? ?, with
Aimon Ier

Aymar, sire de Souvigny et Bourbon

Aimard Sauvigny

Sire .
(Aimard de Sauvigny)

Died maybe in 953.
Buried - Benedictine,monastery,Sauvigny.


Nievelong x
? ?

Marriages and children

Allied to Ermengarde x +ca 953, with
Aymon I de Bourbon +954/


Stuart p. 42: held lands in the Bourbanais and was advanced by Charles "the Simple," Founded the Benedictine monastery at Sauvigny. liv. 915

<B027178> Ademar de Meroving BOURBON (Baron de Bourbon)
<B027182> Father: Nivelon II MEROVING (Count of Vexin)
OCCUPATION: Baron de Bourbon
BIRTH: ABT 880, ,,France
DEATH: 921, ,,France


Count of Poitiers, Baron de Bourbon
Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England


Seigneur de Bourbon
Aimar de Bourbon
943: Aimon Ier de Bourbon
950: Aimon Ier de Bourbon
954: Aimon Ier de Bourbon
959-990: Archambaud Ier de Bourbon
1000: Eudes de Bourbon
1028-1031: Archambaud II le Franc de Bourbon
1034-1034: Archambaud II le Franc de Bourbon
1034: Archambaud III le Verd de Bourbon +ca 1064
Archambaud IV le Jeune de Bourbon +1078
-1096: Archambaud V le Pieux de Bourbon +1096
1096: Aimon II de Bourbon +/1120
-1171: Archambaud VII de Bourbon ca 1100-1171
Guy de Dampierre ca 1155-1216
Archambaud VIII le Grand de Bourbon ca 1197-1242
Archambaud IX de Bourbon +1249
1262: Jean de Bourgogne 1231-1267
1283-1310: Robert de Clermont 1256-1317
1310: Louis Ier le Grand de Bourbon ca 1280-1342

Dame de Bourbon
1171: Mathilde de Bourbon +1227/
-1262: Mahaut de Bourbon +1262
1262-1287: Agnes de Bourbon 1237-1287
1287: Beatrice de Bourgogne +1310

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