Archimbaud VIII "the_Young" Bourbon

Archimbaud VIII "the_Young" Bourbon

Seigneur .
(Archimbaud Bourbon)

Born on June 29, 1140.
Died in 1200.


Archambaud VII,"the_Strong" de Bourbon, Sire ca 1110-1171
Agnes Maurienne

Marriages and children

Allied in 1164 to Alice Burgundy ca 1146-1192, with
Mathilda ca 1165-1228


Stuart p. 43:NAME Archimbaud VIII "the Young", Seigneur de Bourbon, Procurator de Auvergne.

Archambaud (+1169), sans posterite.

Archambaud VIII. de Bourbon
* 29 JUN 1140
+ 1169/1200
Father: Archambaud VII. de Bourbon
Mother: Agnes v.Savoyen
Marriage/Union : Adelheid de Bourgogne
Mahaut de Bourbon

Archambaud de Bourbon
Born on 29th of June 1140.
Died on 26th of July 1169.
Archambaud VII, seigneur de Bourbon ca 1100-1171
Agnes de Savoie *ca 1103

Allied about 1164 to Alix de Bourgogne, abbesse de Fontevrault ca 1146-ca 1209, with
Mathilde +1227/

<B027195> Archambaud VIII Meroving BOURBON (Baron de Bourbon)
<B026376> Father: Archambaud VII Meroving BOURBON (Baron de Bourbon)
<B027191> Mother: Agnes de SAVOIE
OCCUPATION: Baron de Bourbon
BIRTH: ABT 1140, ,Bourbon,France
DEATH: 1171, ,Bourbon,France


Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England

<G007698> Archambaud_VII De BOURBON
<G007700> Father: Archambaud De BOURBON
<G007701> Mother: Agnes De MAURIENNE
BIRTH: 29 JUN 1140, ,,France
DEATH: 1200
Family 1:
<G007699> Alice De BOURGOGNE
<G007694> 1. Maude De BOURBON

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