Walchigise (Walechise,Wandregisilus,Valachie,Wandrille) - Ct of Verdun, Duke of Gascony

Walchigise (Walechise,Wandregisilus,Valachie,Wandrille) - Ct of Verdun, Duke of Gascony

Gascogne, Valachie de Duc
Birth : BEF 630
Gender: Male


Gascogne, Valtrude de Duchess


See also: Windrigizille - Ct of Marches of Gascogne [Descendants of Caribert DE NEUSTRIE [1.1.2]]

Wandregisilus (Wandrille, Vandrille), OSB Abbot (RM)

Born near Verdun about 600, France; died 668. Saint Wandrille was born into a noble family related to Blessed Pepin of Landen and raised at the Austrasian court. He was a courtier of King Dagobert of Austrasia, where he had among his fellows seven or eight future saints. In spite of his desire for the monastic life, Wandrille was appointed count of the palace and married out of deference to his parents. About 628, by mutual agreement, he separated from his wife. She became a nun and he became a monk at the Benedictine abbey of Montfaucon in Champagne under Saint Balderic (Baudry).

A few months later he left to become a hermit at Saint-Ursanne in the Jura Mountains, where lived in a log hut for about five years. Then Wandrille went to Bobbio. After a pilgrimage to Rome, in 637, he entered Romain-Moutier Abbey on the Isere, where he spent the next decade and where he was ordained by Saint Ouen of Rouen.

He left Romain-Moutier to found the famous abbey of Fontenelle in Normandy, which he developed into a missionary and spiritual center, including a school of arts and crafts. He became involved in helping and preaching to the inhabitants of the surrounding area. The abbey- church, which came to be called Saint-Wandrille, was consecrated in 657. Soon Fontenelle had a community of over 300 monks, which adopted the Rule of Saint Benedict after his death.

Wandrille"s relics were moved during the Viking invasion to Etaples, Chartres, Boulogne, and Mont-Blandin (Ghent). His feast spread from Ghent and was celebrated in southern England before the Norman Conquest. His abbey had at least three cells in England-- the most important at Ecclesfield in South Yorkshire and Upavon (Wiltshire). From these cells, his cultus spread to other English monasteries, including York and Hereford. A fine, 11th- century illustrated Life of Wandrille survives at Saint-Omer. At least some of his relics were recovered by his abbey, where his feast is still celebrated (Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopedia, Farmer).

Fiest day: July 22

St. Wandrille
d. 668
Feastday: July 22

Benedictine abbot, also called Wandregisilus and Vandrille. Born near Verdun, France, to a noble family and related to Blessed Pepin of Landen, he was sent to the court of the Frankish king Dagobert I (r. 629-639) of Austrasia (parts of modern Germany and France). There he wed in accordance with the wishes of his family. In 628, after a pilgrimage to Rome, he and his wife separated by mutual agreement so that each could enter the religious life. After living for a time as a hermit, he entered the Benedictine monastery of Montfaucon, in Champagne, France, where he lived for ten years. Wandrille then left the abbey to become a hermit at St. Ursanne, Jura. He then went to Roumain-Moutier, where he was ordained. He founded the monastery of Fontenelle, in Normandy a school as well as what was to become a leading missionary center and one of the respected monastic institutions of France.

Walchigise Verdun

Count .

Born about 626 - of,Verdun,Austrasia,France.


St Metz, Bishop ca 582-ca 640
Dode Heristal ca 586-612/

Marriages and children

Allied about 632 to Valtrude Verdun, Countess


first name also spelled Walechise

VERDUN, Walchigise of.
b.ca.611 in probably Verdun, Austrasis, France
son of Arnold (St. Arnulf) of Metz (Bishop of Metz) and Clothilde (Dode Oda) of Old Saxony
1.Valtrude of (m. Eudes of AQUITAINE)

Walchigise (Walechise), Count_Of Verdun

Born about 626, Of,Verdun,Austrasia,France


St Arnoul, De Metz ca 582-
Dode (Ode) d" Heristal ca 586-611/

Marriages and children

Married about 632 to Valtrude, Countess Of Verdun

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