Bertrada (Bertha) II the Broadfoot

Bertrada (Bertha) II the Broadfoot

Bertrade ou Berthe Au Grand Pied ou La Debonnaire reine des Francs. morte en 783
epouse: Pepin III Le Bref roi des Francs. cf: Dynastie Pepinnide

Berthe=Bertrada de Laon, daughter of Charibert, Count de Laon and Bertrade N? Pepin III, King des Francs, son of Charles Martel and Rotrude=Chrotrud, Duchesse d"Austrasie

d.11 Jul 783 [Bertrada died on the fourth of the Ides of July]

Berthe was known as Berthe-au-grand-pied because one foot was larger than the other. Berthe was for many years, at least since 740, the concubine of Pepin III. In 749 she convinced him to marry her. Note - in 770: The winds of history in the year 770 no longer blow from Aquitaine but from Lombardy. This Kingdom, north of a strange Italy of the time [Italy being bitten into little pieces by the aspirations of the Lombards to the North, the Byzantines and the Pope. Charles, though the "devoted defender of the Holy Church and its auxilliaries in all things" as he refers to himself, should logically and normally have followed the politics of his father with respect to Rome, and therefore to protect the papacy from its enemies, the Lombards. But he would hear none of it. Carloman casts a benign eye on the Lombards, where Didier, the ancient Duke of Tuscanny still reigned. Bertrada, the widow of Pippin, despairing at the level of hate which separated her two sons, took matters into her hands, as a strong-willed woman is sometimes wont to do when endowed with power. She visits Carloman near Seltz [in Alsace], and secures his agreement from him. She crosses the Alps under the pretext of "worshiping in Rome the temples of the Holy Apostles" and visits Pope Stephen III. In fact, she had but one thing on her mind: To reconcile her two sons by bringing Charles closer to the Lombards, since Carloman is the friend of the ruler of Lombardy. The politics of the two brothers then would become tied to a common interest, That could be a first step. One could also marry Gisele, sister of Charles and Carloman to Didier"s son. Unfortunately, Gisele is not yet nubile. In the meantime, Bertrada proposes the marriage of her son Charles with Desiree, Didier"s daughter! The King of the Lombards accepts the proposal as does Charles. However, the future emperor is already attached to a young frankish woman, Himiltrude, who has born him a son and a daughter -- unfortunately, the son is hunchback. Although Himiltrude is only a concubine of the King, the Pope being furious with the developments bringing together his natural protectors, the Francs, with his natural enemies, the Lombards, calls the union of Charles to Desiree diabolical. How can the Francs, a race ".. endowed with such beautiful women ..." posibly consider a union with "...this fetid race of Lombards, the most perfidious, and odious of all races, who have never been counted in the race of civilized nations, and from whom leprosy came ..." Pope Stephen III exclaimed. Whiles Charles considers the matter, Bertrada gets Desiree and brings her to her son in Pavia. His first look at Desiree immediately caused him to miss Himiltrude. It seems that Desiree was the epitomy of ugliness. The marriage takes place anyway.

Bertrada "the_younger" "au_Grand_Pied" Laon

Countess .
(Bertrada Laon)

Born about 720 - Laon,,Aisne,France.
Died on July 12, 783 - Choisy,,Haute-Savoie,France.
Buried - St denis,Paris,Seine,France.


Claribert I (Heribert) Laon, Count ca 690-747/
Bertrada Laon, Countess *ca 695

Marriages and children

Allied about 740 to Pepin III "the_Short" Franks, King 714-768, with
Charlemagne Holy_Roman_Empir 742-814
Rothaide *ca 744
Adelaide *ca 746
Gertrude *ca 748
Carloman Burgundy ca 751-771
Gilles *ca 755
Pepin 756-ca 761
Gisele 757-811
Ade *759


Queen of Franks
Stuart p. 158

Bertrade DE LAON

(Bertrade Aux Grands Pieds DE LAON)

Born about 720 - 02000 Laon.
Died on July 12, 783 - 60750 Choisy au Bac.


Charibert DE LAON /696-747/
Bertrade N... */698

Marriages and children

Allied in 744 to Pepin III le Bref DE FRANCIE ca 715-768, with
Charlemagne 747-814
Hermengarde *ca 750
Carloman II D"AUSTRASIE ca 751-771

Bertrade DE LAON (aux Grands-Pieds)
Mother: GISELE (Bertrade)
Death: in 783 Choisy-au-Bac
Family 1:
PEPIN le Bref
Marriage: c. 743/44

Bertrada II "Broadfoot" (Bertha) of Laon
m. Pepin III "The Short" of the FRANKS

Betrada II (storfot) de Laon
Father: Heribert de Laon
BIRTH: ca. 720, Laon, Aisne, Frankrike
DEATH: 12.07.783
Family 1:
Pepin I le Bref
1. Charlemagne

Bertrada "Broadfoot" de Laon
Born in 720, Laon, Aisne, France
Died on July 12, 783, Choisy, Haute-Savoie, France
Charibert (Heribert) de Laon Ct de Laon 694-747/
Bertrada (de Laon) 698
Marriages and children
Married in 740 to Pepin III the Short King Of Franks 714-768, with
Charlemagne 742-
Rothaide Of The Franks 744
Adelaide Of The Franks 746
Gertrude Of The Franks 748
Carloman King Of Burgundy 751-771
Gilles Of The Franks 755
Pippin Of The Franks 756-761
Gisela Of Chelles Abbess Of Chelles 757-811
Ade Of The Franks 759

Bertrada Von Laon

Born about 720
Died on 12 July 783, Choisy-au-Bac (Oise)
Cheribert (Charibert; Heribert) Graf Von Laon 690-747/
X Bertrada 690 +
Marriages and children
Married about 740 to Pippin III d. Jüngere der Kurze Karolinger 714-768, with
Rothaid ca 744 +
Karl der GroÏe 747-814
Karlmann II von Neustrien 751-771
Adalhaid 752 +
Gisela 757-810
Pippin 759-761
gilt als Hauptfigur der karolingischen Sage von "Bertha mit den groÏenFüÏen", ungarische Prinzessin von groÏer Schönheit. Pippin hielt umihre Hand an und B. wurde in Begleitung ihrer Amme und deren TochterAliste ins Frankenreich geschickt. Aliste wurde als Brautuntergeschoben; der Betrug wurde dann aufgedeckt, weil man B. an ihrengroÏen FüÏen erkannte (Chronik der Deutschen S. 149)

Laon, Bertrada de Broadfoot
Birth : ABT 720
Death : 12 JUL 783
Father: Laon, Heribert Charibert de Duc
Mother: Ecternach, Bertrada von

Marriage: 740
France, Pepin III le_Bref Roi
Birth : 714/715
Death : 24 SEP 768 St. Denis,,,France
[son of Francs, Charles Martel de_la Major Domus by Chrotrud Rotrou]
Birth : AFT 740
2.Adelheid Rodthaid
Birth : AFT 740
3.Charlemagne Empereur
4.Neustrien, Karlmann II von Koenig
5.Chelles, Gisella de Abbess
Birth : 759
Death : 761

<B013219> Bertha Bertrada de_Laon MEROVING (II)
<B013220> Father: Charibert Heribert MEROVING (Count of Laon)
<B020918> Mother: Gisele de Bertrade MEROVING?
BIRTH: 719, Laon,Aisne,France
DEATH: 12 JUL 783, Choisy Au Bac,,France
Family 1:
<B013218> Pepin (The_Short) III CAROLING (King)
<B023613> 1. Gisela CAROLING
<B013216> 2. Charlemagne CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B002021> 3. Carloman CAROLING (King of Franks)


She was known as "Berthe au grand pieds" or "Broadfoot". Her mother may have been Bertrada (RN 37070)
Source: Pedigrees of ... Descendants of Charlemagne, p cvi; (Compuserve);Genealogy of the Kings of France; Charlemagne"s Ancestors;
Charlemagne"s 40 Generation Ahnentafel Chart by Tom Peterson, 24 Oct 1992;
Ahnentafel of Edward III, King of England
SOUR O"shea/Charlemagne qvc

Berthe au grand pied
(Bertrade de Laon)
Died in 783.
Caribert, comte de Laon
? ?
Marriages and children
Allied about 749 to Pepin le Bref Carolingien, roi des Francs ca 715-768, with
Charlemagne 747-814
Carloman ca 751-771
Gisele 757-811

<I001438> Bertha of LAON
<I006744> Father: Canbert, Count of LAON
DEATH: 783
Family 1:
<I001437> Pippin III ("The Short"), King of FRANKS
<I000632> 1. Charles the Great, Emperor CHARLEMAGNE
<I012460> 2. Carloman, King of SOISSONS


Bertha is daughter of Count Canbert "of Laon." She was termed "Big-footed Bertha."

<G000106> BERTRADA (Queen of Franks)
BIRTH: ABT 720, Aisne,Leon,Aisne,France
DEATH: 12 JUL 783, ,Choisy,Haute-Savoie,France
BURIAL: Basilica,of,St. Denis

Bertrade Aux Grands Pieds de Laon

Born about 720, 02000 Laon
Died on 12 July 783, 60750 Choisy au Bac

Charibert de Laon /696-747/
Bertrade Ou Gisèle N... /698

Marriages and children
Married in 744 to Pépin III le Bref de Francie ca 715-768, with
Charlemagne 747-814
Hermengarde ca 750
Carloman II d"Austrasie ca 751-771

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